Sharp is a leading manufacturer in Solar Photovoltaic and enjoys an unmatched history in this industry. Whether for satellites, lighthouses, public buildings or private homes - Sharp has supplied more solar power modules than any other manufacturer in the world. Since the year 2000 Sharp has been a front runner in the manufacture of solar cells and modules. Sharp is one of the world leaders in the evolution and production of the advanced technology to harness the sun's power through Solar PV cells.

This global leadership comes from a long history of pioneering work in the development of solar cells that began as early as 1959, when few had the foresight to see the huge potential benefits.

From this flying start we were able to quickly lead the way forward, reaching a significant landmark with the installation of what was the world's largest solar power system at the Nagasaki lighthouse.

Sharp has produced solar cells for space travel - before man had even walked on the moon. Today, well over a hundred satellites circle our planet, efficiently performing their complex functions thanks to Sharp solar technology.

Here on earth, over 100,000 of our solar systems are providing power in countries around the globe, with output continuing to grow. All of which has helped to establish Sharp as the world's premier brand in solar PV.

Sharp has manufacturing facility for Solar PV spread across the world? Sharp has taken a unique initiative to setup a high efficiency Thin Film Module manufacturing facility at Sakai, Osaka, Japan having a production capacity of 1GW.

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